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All sales are final. No return and exchange is acceptable.

Our return policy that is only applicable for incorrect or defective items.

The terms of which are as follows:

1. All items must be in their original purchase condition, including the original product packaging, manufacturer's containers, documentation, cards, manuals, hardwares, and all accessories. All packaging must be unmarked and not be defaced in any manner.

2. All items comes with tags attached and must be returned with those tags intact.

3. Defective items are defined as items that have missing components, missing parts, deep scratches, or obvious blemishes and stains.

4. The following are not considered as defects:

- Colour hues or uneven textures on leather surfaces.
Natural leathers (as used by majority of luxury brands) are all unique in form and texture, and tonal variations, creases or veins are part of their intrinsic features.
- Non-shiny hardware. Please note that several designs are meant to emulate an ‘aged’ or ‘antiqued’ look and feel, as such the hardware may be subject to natural distressing to yield a matt or rustic appearance.
- Creases on leather exterior. Leather is malleable and the shape of the bag is dependent on the items or stuffings placed inside and subject to storage conditions.

- Loose threads that can be removed by cutting using scissors.
- Glue stains that can be removed by leather cream.






- 无论是官网图还是自拍图,由于电脑或者手机屏幕分辨率,灯光,拍摄设备等问题,很有可能存在色差和视觉误差.

- 大部分品牌在商品中使用天然皮质,皮质本身存在自己独有的纹理和纹路等质地,不视为瑕疵。部分品牌皮质存在不可避免性折痕,请在购买前咨询品牌专柜,以对此商品有基本了解。

- 某些商品五金特别设计为”做旧款“、”复古款“,此类商品五金不闪非商品质量问题,请参考官网商品介绍。

- 可用剪刀等工具剪掉的线头。

- 可清理的胶水痕迹。

- 手工制造商品中所包含的独特手工痕迹。


我们建议您在签收商品后,先仔细检查商品, 再拆卸标签和处置原有的包,若是使用过程中出现问题,买家可向专柜客服寻求服务,也可向我们进行咨询帮助。

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